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TIMD Group

Who we are

We are a young and modern distribution company with an engaged team. We launch, distribute and represent cosmetic brands on our markets.

TIMD Group is representing various cosmetics brands in different parts of the globe. We cooperate with market leading retail chains and distributors to ensure proper supply. With marketing excellence we ensure to support our products on-shelves to get the market attention they deserve. We organise promotions in stores, shopping centers, online and outdoor. We are currently present in various markets and aiming to grow …

Distribution of cosmetic products

We provide proper and good distribution service.


We provide the perfect marketing mix to make our products a success.


We make promotions in shopping centers, in-store and outdoor.

Brand image

We develop our brands to become successful on the markets


Learn about our markets

We are currently operating in 9 markets...

Organic Shop

Organic cosmetics in a modern twist.

Cafe Mimi

Trendy cosmetics from natural ingredients.

Afrodita Cosmetics

Well established cosmetics with legacy.

Natura Siberica

Cosmetics from natural herbs.